Chicago Pizza in Seoul


Hello.?We are Living in Seoul.

Are you Hungry?

Feel like getting some tasteful Chicago pizza in Seoul ?

If you live near?Subway?Sinchon?Station and?like Chicago-style deep dish pizza, here the one for you!

” Chicago Pizza & Pub”

chicago pizza shopIf you think come to eat?at?this restaurant around lunch time you have to wait for about 30 minutes

restaurant 1





Lets see Menu!

chicago pizza menu 1

chicago pizza menu 2

There is a Self Service Bar.

chicago pizza self bar

This time we ordered

Chicago Pizza Half and Half ( Bulgogi + Shrimp)

95369 95370

?Pizza looks amazing, right? It is very cheesyyyyyyyy inside!

and we ordered? Bulgogi Cream Pasta ??This pasta was awesome! I recommend you try?it.


It was quite expensive . but not ridiculously expensive?for these good quality pasta and pizza.
I really liked Bulgogi Cream Pasta.
Pasta tastes good, sauce is creamy and savory.
Espcially, bulgogi??was very soft that I felt as if this Bulgogi was melting in my mouth.

Open time : Everyday 11.00 AM -12.00 AM

How to go : Subway Sinchon Station Exit no,3