Seoul Attractions : Bukchon Hanok Village


Due to the rapid development of Korea, it became hard to see traditional Korean things?in Seoul area. In the old days, Korean people used to live in Hanok (meaning Korean house), but people nowadays live apartments, villas, or townhouses.?One representative form of Hanok is 기와집(giwajip) and today I would like to introduce to you a Hanok town in Seoul.

The town is called ‘Bukchon Hanok Village,’ and you can go there by subway line no.3.
Get off at Anguk station and go out to exit no.2.

You will see the sign like this.


One of the signs (at the bottom) tells you there is a information center.
You can go there and a map like this.


So don’t worry about getting lost since it’s all in English.
Even without a map, I am sure you can find where to go by following others haha =)

There are 8 famous and popular views that you must not miss when you go to Bukchon Hanok Villate.
So I would like to introduce to you these 8 views.

1. 1경 (1gyung = 1st scenery)
1st beautiful view is this place where you can see the Changdeok palace and stone wall.

Bukchon 1경

2. 2경
Wonseodong Gongbanggil :?People who used to work for the palace in the old days lived in this area.

Bukchon 2경

3. 3경 : You can see inside the Hanok and craftwork shops nearby.

Bukchon 3경

4. 4경
You can see the Hanok roof from here. This Hanok roof is giwa. (remember giwajip I mentioned above?)

Bukchon 4경

5. 5경: The most popular view!!!

Bukchon 5경

6. 6경 (same as 5경 but looking down from up)

Bukchon 6경

7. 7경

Bukchon 7경

8. 8경 (stone stairs)

Bukchon 8경

You can also find cute craftwork shops and souvenir shops.
Don’t forget to take a look around!




And there is also an amazing cafe you can stop by for a little chat & relax with your friend.