Edae : Shopping, Cafe, Restaurants

Edae has been a popular spot for teenagers and college students for a long time.
It has many shopping spots along with cafes and restaurants.
In fact, Edae is name of university, but people have been calling the area nearby university a Edae for convenience.

Uniqueness of Edae

Unlike other bustling places, Edae?is popular among girls and women.
Since there is women’s university nearby, a lot of stores, cafes, hairshops and restaurants target those who attend this university.
Interestingly, it became popular among non-Edae students as well and people have been visiting here a lot to shop, do hair, chat in a cafe, mend clothes and their luxury bags and so on.

Shopping Area


Stores are not crowded in the early afternoon on weekdays, but you will see this area packed with a lof of people on weekends or in the evening. In Edae, you could shop non-brand clothings and shoes at cheap price.

Also, you can shop a variety of accessories at a bargain!

Things to Eat

Walked too much for shopping and hungry?
How about some street food?

or you could go try restaurants around.


Looking for desserts or coffee?

Try Starbucks or BeansBins (popular Korean cafe with coffee & waffles) nearby.

Streets around Edae (Ewha Women’s University) area

Even if you don’t shop, it’s a great place walk around.

Mending Clothes

Do you have clothes that don’t fit well?
Consider meding them in Edae.
There are many mending shops with skilled people.

Repair Clothing


Main Entrance of Ewha Women’s University
Main Entrance of Ewha Women’s University (Edae)

You can feel the unique atmosphere in women’s university area by visiting Edae. Also, this is very close to Sinchon and Hongdae, and therefore it’s worth visiting if you are visitng when you are visiting those places!