Goshiwon : Complete Guide for Foreigners


Goshiwon – Complete Guide for Foreigners?

Goshiwon started as a facility that provides a place to study and sleep for people who want to study for exams governed by Korean government; bar exams, exam to become a public officer, ambassador and more.

Since the beginning, it enjoyed a huge popularity for its affordable price and good facility.

As time passed, it?evolved as a form of accomodation who needs a place for a living.
Many students or fresh graduates with a new job started living in goshiwon.
We recommend you to give it a try if you are to live in Seoul for more than just few days.

What is goshiwon in korea ?

Goshiwon is similar to the dorm in Korea.

Goshiwon rooms have?private room along with private/shared shower, private/shared bath.
The price ranges from KRW 190,000 ~ 700,000 which differs by room location, room type and the size of the room.

Goshiwon sometimes have its own building, so the entire building is filled with goshiwon rooms only.
But many times, goshiwon?are inside normal buildings that have many other shops, restaurants and convenience stores.

Why goshiwon?

  1. Goshiwon is usually located at the very convenient location.
  2. You can choose your own room type. (Room with shared/private shower/toilet)
  3. Goshiwon runs 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about going home late.
  4. Security is well maintained.
  5. They provide free rice, ramyeon (noodle) , kimchi and seasonings. (Some goshiwons also provide eggs, coffee, tea)
  6. You can do laundry free of charge.
  7. After you pay monthly fee, there’s no additional charge whatsoever.

Goshiwon is good for who?

Goshiwon is recommended for those who are planning to stay in Korea for more than just few days.
You can stay in goshiwon for a better price than guesthouses and with a better facility.

Guesthouses are usually equipped with shared bathroom with a non-soundproof room.
However, due to the characteristics of goshiwon having 30 or more rooms, they have a good soundproof room.

Type of Goshiwon Rooms

1. One Room


One room type featured with private room and bathroom?along with shower.

2. Shower room


Shower room is featured with private room, private shower and shared bathroom.

3. Mini Room


Mini room is featured with private room, shared shower and shared bathroom.?Although people staying in mini room have to use the shared bathroom, goshiwon usually have enough space so that tenants can live without inconvenience.

Common Features
  • bed, desk, chair, closet, tv, refrigerator, bookshelf and more
  • shared kitchen you can cook your own food.
  • most of them?provide rice, kimchi, ramyeon (noodle), seasonings for free and some goshiwon provide coffee, tea and eggs as well.

Goshiwon Locations in Seoul, Korea

There are many goshiwon in Seoul area.

You can find many of them?near subway station, so you can go to many places conveniently.
If you choose to live in a downtown area, it is more expensive for the room with similar facility and size.
However, it is convenient in terms of transportation and access to many major areas including tour sites, shopping areas, schools, and other hot places.

If you are willing to live 30mins ~ 1 hour away from downtown area, you can get the goshiwon room at much cheaper price. Another advantage of living in suburban area is you can also enjoy the exotic feeling of living like locals.

Tips for finding appropriate goshiwon

  1. Choose your location (what area do you want to stay?)
  2. Choose gender type :?Men-only (Very Rare), Women-only, Unisex
  3. Consider the language?goshiwon admin speaks :?Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and etc.
  4. Take into account your budget when you are choosing your room type.
    It gets more expensive if you want your goshiwon to be in

    • downtown area
    • convenient location in terms of tranportation
    • good facility equipped with private bath and/or shower

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, goshiwon serves as a place for a living for normal Korean people.
However, there are more and more people that need temporary housing for those who study or work in Korea who are from abroad. As a result, goshiwon is becoming an solution for those people.

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