How to go to Seoul from Incheon Airport


One thing I am most worried about when I go visit foreign country is the transportation from the airport to my hotel. To help you with any similar concern you might have, today I will post how to go to Seoul from Incheon Airport.

The transportation types you can use are
1.?Airport Railroad
2. Airport?Bus Limousine
3. Taxi
4. Call-van
and etc.

However, I recommend only Bus Limousine or Airport Limousine as your transportation.

1. Taking Airport Railroad

Airport Rail 1


Top reasons I recommend taking airport railroad are:
1. No traffic jam
2. Takes only 56 mins from the airport to the last station; Seoul station. (Stops at all stations)
3. Only 43 mins from the airport to the Seoul station. (Express train and stops at Seoul station only)
4. Can transfer to the subway and/or train very conveniently. (Line 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, KTX)
5. Very cheap compared to other transportation method. (Less than USD 4 for local, USD 8 for express)

When you arrive at the Incheon airport, follow the sign of Airport Railroad.

You can buy a ticket at
1. Booth 45 of arrival floor or travel center of Incheon Airport Railroad (a basement level between a passenger terminal and a traffic center) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?or
2. Customer information center of Incheon Airport station.

The fare is different based upon where you get off, but the most expensive ticket is less than USD 4 for local train and USD 8 for express train.

From the Airport to the City : From 5:20 to 23:57
From the City to the Airport : From 5:20 to 24:00

Airport Rail6

The top is the express train and the bottom is the local train.


2. Airport Bus Limousine
There are SO MANY routes for Airport Bus Limousine.
Here I will post probably the most popular route for foreigners that head to Myeong-dong.
Airport Bus1
Airport Bus