Review of Goshiwon Edae E2



?Today i am going to review my ?room at Edae.

Now I am staying in Goshiwon at Ewha University Area. It gonna be almost 1 month.

Review Edae E2

First day i came to Seoul , I met Richard J Park ?but you can call him?“Bin Oppa” from

picked me up at airport to Goshiwon.

That day weather was terrible, windy and very cold.

This is the first time that i got a cold weather like this haha ^^!

The weather made me tired and sick ,

i thought that day if i don’t ?have? picked up me to Goshiwon.

This is a big problem !!

“Bin Oppa”?from , he helped me?everything I need.

He is really nice and good?staff. found me a nice Goshiwon ,

where is easy to go to Subway station, restaurant, family mart, Lotte mart ,post office, cloths shop

Woww I love this Goshiwon, you can find everything you want.

Review Edae E2 3

Oneday i got a problem about shower room, i told to

Immediately, Staff of Goshiwon changed a new shower for me.

Woww!! has a Great Service!!??.

Time to see my room.

My room is quite a bit ?small. but you will be accustomed to stay.

This Goshiwon provided?bed and warm blanket, wardrobe ,desk and chair.

Review Edae E2 4

Next room i would like to show you.

I really love Kitchen haha ^^

This Goshiwon provided you all, Rice, Egg, Ramyeon, Kimchi

and someday owner of Goshiwon did Kimjijigae for tenants.

That’s great sound right? !!!

Review Edae E2 5

Lets see Rooftop Area

This Goshiwon provided detergent, softener for tenants

and have much?hanging areas.

Review Edae E2 6

I am really happy with this Goshiwon

and i love my room even it is not big room.

My room is Small but More.

I would like to say

Thank you so much “”