Seoul Cafe : BeansBins


Seoul Cafe: Beansbins (famous for waffles)

Big fan of waffle or coffee?
You might want to go try those at BeansBins.
If talking about great Seoul cafe, Beansbins will always be on the list.

BeansBins originally started in Samcheongdong; a famous place for great cafes and restaurants under traditional Korean atmosphere. It gained its popularirty thanks to its awesome waffles topped with Haagen Dazs icecream.

Now you can find Beansbins not only in Samcheongdong, but in other areas as well.
You can find Beansbins in Hongdae, Edae, Sinchon, Myeongdong and Daehakro and more!

Pictures below are Beansbins in Edae.

Don’t know what to order? Take a look at the sample waffles and decide what you want to eat.

Single Origin Coffee


Talking about Seoul cafe, I wanted to include Beansbins for the following reason.
They have single origin coffee;?coffee beans from different regions of the world, and they even have a decaf.
I have difficulty falling asleep after drinking coffee, so I prefer decaf and Beansbins is a great choice if you want decaf. It is difficult to find a cafe that sells decaf.



They recently started selling strawberry waffle.
You can see in the menu that it has ‘single’,’A-set’ and ‘B-set’.
If you order single, you just get your waffle only.
If you order A-set, you get one cup of americano with waffle.
If you order B-set, you get 2 cups of your chosen single-origin coffee along with waffle.

Seoul Cafe
New strawberry waffle by Beansbins


This is the waffle that made Beansbins famous.
Provided with your choice of Haagen Dazs icecream below; strawberry, mango sorbet, green tea, vanilla and chocolate.


You can choose 2 scoops of ice cream for ice cream waffle and 1 scoop for combination waffle.

Where are Beansbins?

Beansbins Edae

Beansbins Hongdae

Beansbins Myeongdong

Beansbins Daehakro