Seoul Restaurant : Edae Naju Gomtang

Seoul Restaurant

Several days ago, our Thai staff arrived in Korea.
For dinner we went to the 곰탕(Gomtang) restaurant in Edae area.

Gomtang is a soup in Korean cuisine made with various parts of beef including brisket, ribs and oxtail.
It has a milk-like color with?rich taste.
Traditionally, Korean people thought of gomtang healthful food.
It is basically a everyone’s favorite.

Seoul Restaurant

Restaurant from the outside.

Seoul Restaurant

The most popular (and also basic) menu you can order is on the very left; 나주곰탕 at KRW 8000.
If you order 특곰탕 next to it, it simply means you have more meat in the soup.
They also have spicy version of gomtang, dumpling gomtang soup and other menus.

We ordered gomtang and small size of boiled beef along with gomtang. It is called 수육 (sounds like soo-yook).

Edae restaurant
Sooyook served with green onion and scallion
restaurant in Seoul
Sooyook with side dishes; Kimchi and Ggakdugi (김치 & 깍두기)
Seoul Restaurant
Gomatng with rice


Hungry at night? Don’t worry this place is open 24 hours!