Seoul Restaurant : Indian Restaurant in Edae


Many Korean people like curry.
However, curry that are sold in the markets are mostly Koreanized curry that tastes quite a lot different from original curry from India.

Today I would like to introduce to you a great Indian restaurant located in Edae (again).
Just because I have been posting restaurants in Edae doesn’t mean all the good restaurants are located in Edae.
In fact, Edae is not famous for good restaurants.
However, this Indian restaurant offers quality and tasty food at?a very cheap price.


The name of the restaurant is Aangan and it is located on the 2nd floor.


Feel the well-designed authentic Indian interior.

I have been to many Indian restaurants in Seoul and in other countries and this restaurant is the best so far.


Chicken masala curry with plain naan.


Cute pepper caster and saltbox.


Dessert provided after meal!
Want to try something besides Korean food?
Visit Aangan restaurant in Edae!