Things to do in Seoul : Hanbok Studio


A Great Hanbok Photo Cafe

Have you ever watched Korean drama that depicts?old days of Korea such as Chosun dynasty or Korea dynasty?
Have you ever thought you want to try Korean traditional clothing called Hanbok (한복) ??
If so, we have the answer for you.

In Insa-dong area, there is a place you can try different Hanbok and take pictures in traditional atmosphere.
Ok I will stop talking and let you see the pictures first!

On the left is the name of this photo studio. (고관 in Korean and pronounced as Goguan)
It’s a very popular place among tourists and it’s a must-try if you haven’t done so, yet.

You can see the many pictures other people have taken and think of which hanbok you might want to try.
Let’s see how others took photos.

Also, you can take photos in different settings such as below.



Wondering what this setting is about?
This is a room for?Yangban (high class) of Chosun dynasty .
You can probably play a Yangban role when taking a picture =)


Let’s see more samples of actual photos.



You ready to go take photos now?
Let’s go!

How to go?
Take the subway line no.1 and get off at Jonggak station exit no.3.
Walk about 300m and turn left at the intersection.
Walk about 80m and turn left to the alleyway.
Walk about 90m and turn left and you will see it on your left